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Sotomayor Small Sided Field Set up & Spectator Area Rules

I have included a few pictures to help understand the field set up for small sided games at Sotomayor Turf Field.


1. Each team for the opening game must help out to set up 1 goal onto the field.

Please have the goal set up at least 20 minutes before kickoff.

Opening game is considered the first small sided game of the day.


2. Each team for the closing games of the day must help out to store away 1 goals off the field at the north/east side grass area, next to the fence.


The goals are light aluminum steel, so they are light enough to be moved by 2 or 3 adults.

(see picture at the bottom to see how to store the goals away)


Please pick up and carry the goals, do not drag goals on the turf. 

The Coaches / Player Area is the area where teams can set up their benches.

Bench must be off the turf, 


Only Coaches and players are allowed on the Field.  No Parents/Spectators.


Any canopies can be set up, as long as they have 

Tennis Balls(Protection on the bottom of the legs from hitting the track directly)


All Spectators Must be behind the Cement Area & Bleachers. 

Parents / Spectators are not allowed to be on the Track or Turf at all.


I have included a picture showing the spectator area.


This is a big rule that the facility makes us follow.


The refs have been instructed to stop the game and not continue if parents aren't following the rules.


Please inform your parents to help us follow the rules.


Thank you for all your help and cooperation on this, these are rules set by the facility that we must follow. 


Thank you

Sotomayor Smal Sided Field Set Up (1) co
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